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Mentored by the King: Arnold Palmer’s Success Lessons for Golf, Business, and Life by Brad Brewer [Hardcover, Kindle, Audiobook, CD, Audible]

Mentored by the KingHere is an insightful perspective on one of the class-acts in golf, in fact in all of sports. Author and close personal friend Brad Brewer has worked with Arnold Palmer for more than 25 years.

Brewer shares his first-hand observations and experiences receiving the gift of Palmer’s mentoring during their time together on topics such as “the magnetic attraction of excellence”, “the power of an optimistic outlook” and “why risking big is the ticket to living even bigger”.

Brewer is a PGA class-A Professional and the founder and president of the Brad Brewer Golf Academy in Orlando, Florida. He was awarded the 2000 North Florida PGA Teacher of the Year and has been published as a top golf instructor in Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. He has worked closely with Arnold Palmer for more than 20 years.

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A Course of Their Own: A History of African American Golfers by John H. Kennedy [Paperback, Hardcover]

A Course of Their OwnGolfMediaLibrary.com kicks off Black History Month with John H. Kennedy’s A Course of Their Own, published in March of 2005.  It has an average 4.5 stars from six reviews.

“A Course of Their Own is a compelling read, a tough read, an enlightening read. And perhaps most of all, it is an important read for anyone who knows and loves the game of golf.”—John Steinbreder, Golfweek

“John Kennedy”s A Course of Their Own reminds us that, before Tiger, there were many other black professionals whose abilities may have rivaled his but they never received the chance to play in the Masters nor in any other PGA sponsored events.”—J. Paul Leslie, Sports Literature Association

Author John H. Kennedy has been a journalist for nearly three decades and has worked as a reporter and an editor for the Boston Globe and the Associated Press. He is an assistant professor of communication at Rosemont College in Pennsylvania.

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Sam: The One and Only Sam Snead by Al Barkow [Kindle Edition]

Sam The One and Only Sam SneadBarkow’s Sam: The One and Only SamSnead was released as a Kindle edition in November and thanks to all those new Kindle owners its now one of the top sellers.  It also helps that it has been highly rated (average of 4.5 stars).

Considered the definitive biography of one of the greatest golfers of all time award-winning golf writer Barko delivers. The book covers Snead’s journey to achieve a record 82 PGA Tour wins and then takes the reader into the man behind the golfer to understand his fears, his secrets, his dark side.

Al Barkow is a recipient of the 2005 PGA Lifetime Achievement Award in Journalism and the author or coauthor of numerous golf books.

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His Father’s Son: Earl and Tiger Woods by Tom Callahan in Hardcover and Kindle Formats

His Fathers Son Earl and Tiger WoodsThis is for those of you that believe that to know the father is to know the son.  Tom Callahan gives us a full-blown biography of Earl Dennison Woods, the Vietnam War veteran who raised the golf phenomenon, and in turn, a full-blown biography of Tiger Woods.

With exclusive access to and interviews with Earl, Tiger, and a host of friends, family members, coaches, and veteran golf players, Callahan provides an unprecedented look into their lives and the remarkably close relationship that Earl and Tiger had.

“Tom Callahan does to words what Tiger Woods does to golf balls. Under his spell, they soar, spin, and do the samba on the head of a matchstick. There’s nobody better.”

-Rick Reilly, ESPN The Magazine

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