Prodigy-Unauthorized Story on Tiger Woods (DVD)

Prodigy-Unauthorized Story on Tiger WoodsCapitalizing on the biggest golf—if not sports—story since Thanksgiving 2009, Infinity Entertainment Group brings us Prodigy: An Unauthorized Story on Tiger Woods.

This 52 minute DVD examines Woods’ stratospheric rise and then chronicles his rapid fall from grace. 

Born Eldrick Tont Woods, the sporting prodigy studied at the prestigious Stanford University, competing in Ivy League tournaments. His youth, good looks, charisma and tenacity earned him a position as golf’s most marketable asset, single-handedly popularizing the greens among a mass audience. But 2009 shattered the legendary golfer’s squeaky-clean image with revelations of widespread adultery rocking his stable home life with wife Elin and two children … the ensuing chaos damaging his career. Following a leave to address personal issues, his return to golf has been shaky at best.

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