Kindle: It’s hardware AND software. You don’t need to own a Kindle reader to read Kindle ebooks.

Kindle 3Kindle Readers are hardware devices optimized for reading and limited note taking. If you love to read, you’d love a Kindle.

The advantages of Kindle vs. other reading devices are:

  • Read in full daylight
  • Long battery life, about a month
  • Free 3G wireless access (certain models)
  • Small, thin and light
  • Integrated with the largest and most popular bookstore

In addition to books you can also read magazines, newspapers and blogs.

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Not ready to invest in a Kindle reader, or prefer to use a device you already own?

Free Kindle Reading Apps

You can download FREE Kindle-reader software for your iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac or Blackberry.

Read. Watch. Play. Listen.