About GolfMediaLibrary.com

We launched in April of 2010 (Facebook page in February 2011) in response to the rapidly increasing importance of digital media and the need to find a better way to connect authors and media developers to their audience. GolfMediaLibrary.com is a sister publication of the Golf Yellow Pages, also published by Sellbox.

We feature interviews with notable authors, new releases, and profiles on exceptional and overlooked items curated from our store of more than 8,700 print and digital media products: print books, Kindle ebooks, videos, magazines, video games, Kindle blog subscriptions, MP3, even music.

Our Media Product Stores

The tab above called Media Store is the “front door” to all products in their various formats.  Use the drop down to go directly to a category or just click on Media Store.

If you want to perform more detailed searches click on Media Store and then use the menu and search box on the right side of the screen.

Products are displayed in bestseller order.

Our Media Player (Hardware) Stores

You obviously need a digital device to use a digital product so we’ve curated a number of the most popular Media Players. Notably this includes Kindle readers, Apple devices like the iPad and iPod Touch, and game platforms such as Xbox, Wii and Playstation.

Amazon Powers Golf Media LibraryWe have selected more than 8,700 golf media products and offer them through our custom store, powered by Amazon.com. We receive a small commission when you purchase an item after visiting our store. (Thank you for your support.)

Sellbox Publishing ServicesFor information about our publishing services for authors and publishers please visit our corporate website Sellbox.com.

GolfYellowPages.com and Print Directory InformationGolf Media Library is a service of Sellbox Inc, publisher of the Golf Yellow Pages.

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Read. Watch. Play. Listen.