2011 PGA Show GolfMediaLibrary Book Signings-James Keegan, Katherine Roberts, Joann Dost, Bradley Klein, Joey Diovisalvi

If you are attending the 95th anniversary PGA Merchandise Show stop by booth 3001 to meet our celebrity authors. They will be visiting with attendees and signing books and calendars in the Golf Yellow Pages booth during the times indicated.       

James Keegan, The Business of Golf.
Thursday January 27, 2:30—4:30 PMJ.J. Keegan      

The Business of Golf       

 Katherine Roberts, Swing Flaws & Fitness Fixes.
Thursday January 27, 4:30—5:15 PM    

Katherine Roberts       

Swing Flaws & Fitness Fixes        

Joann Dost, 2011 Joann Dost Wall Calendar.
Friday January 28, 11:00—11:30 AM  

Joann Dost  


2011 Joann Dost Calendar  

 Dr. Bradley Klein, Rough Meditations. 
Saturday January 29, 10:30—11:30 AM 

Dr. Bradley Klein 

Rough Meditations 

 Joey Diovisalvi (Joey “D”), Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing. 
Saturday January 29, 12:00—1:00 PM 

  Joey Diovisalvi  


Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing

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